Frequently Asked Questions

Dogs shed for many different reasons: the change in weather, the change in hormone level (before her season), dry and itchy skin, or skin disease.

When your dog has dry skin, she becomes quite itchy and scratches a lot which in turn could lead to skin inflammation and loss of hair.  We recommend Love shampoo to moisturize and repair the skin and promote skin cell regeneration.  Once your dog’s skin is healthy again, she will shed much less and in many cases stop shedding altogether.

For seasonal shedding, we recommend Grow shampoo and Grow spray- both of which have ginseng root and various powerful plant extract that will help stimulate new hair growth and strengthen hair roots.  Your dog’s hair will grow back up stronger and faster.

Our sprays contain 11 amino acids, omega 3, omega 6, biotin, vitamin A, E, B5, and glucan which help make the coat soft, smooth, easy for brushing, and add volume.  If you have a dog with long hair, we would highly recommend getting the spray and using it everyday prior to brushing her hair.

Many of our customers with short hair dogs prefer to use the spray to keep their dogs feeling and smelling fresh between baths.  And many of our customers with brachy breeds use Relax spray to control bad bacteria overgrowth and body odours.

On Brachy dogs (dogs with squishy face) that have strong odours because of bacteria accumulation, we would recommend choosing Relax Spray to help control bad bacteria growth.

Relax spray has a very light scent of German Chamomile and a special ingredient called Glucan which is a food source for good bacteria allowing them to grow faster and eliminate bad bacteria in the process.  After spraying Relax spray onto your dog for 10 minutes, the unwanted odour will be reduced.  To eliminate odours originating from the face folds, spray Relax spray onto wet wipes or wet towels and gently wipe the area.

All our shampoo is suitable for both dogs/cats with short and long hair because all dogs/cats need a healthy and moisturized skin to have healthy and shiny coat.  The concentrated colloidal oatmeal works to moisturize the skin, reduce irritation, redness, and itchiness.  And the multivitamins, biotin, and omega 3 & 6 helps to keep the hair healthy, soft, adds shine, and easy to brush.

All our shampoo has conditioner and will already make the coat visibly softer than it was before.

We recommend Love shampoo for dogs with easily irritated skin. Love shampoo has 20% colloidal oatmeal and barley extract which works together to moisturize the skin, protect the skin from irritations, reduce inflammation and rashes, and promote new skin cell regeneration.

If your dog currently has rashes or is very itchy, we recommend to bathe every other day for 1 week and leave the shampoo on your dog for 1-2 minutes before rinsing off.

Doggy Potion is 98% natural (with added fragrance) while Puppy Potion is 100% natural.

The Doggy Potion line aims at moisturizing the skin and improving the coat texture by making it soft, smooth, and healthy.  It also will leave your dog feeling and smelling wonderful for around 3 days.

The Puppy Potion product line consists of many all-natural products which aim at specific needs of dogs.  Love shampoo is for dogs with very sensitive skins, very young dogs (first bath), and very old dogs; it targets the skin by giving deep moisturization, protecting the skin from irritation, reducing inflammation and rashes, and promoting new skin cell generation.   Relax shampoo is an all-natural spa for dogs- it induces deep relaxation with aromatherapy while nourishing the skin and coat with various natural extracts.  Grow shampoo contains ginseng extract and various plant extracts which aims at promoting faster hair growth, reducing hair loss, and strengthening hair roots.  You can learn more about all our products from the product page.

Your fully-grown dog can enjoy all our product range depending on her needs.  Your young puppy, however, should use either Love or Relax shampoo.

Love shampoo specifically aims at senior dogs (and dogs of all age) with skin issues and skin sensitivity.  It is an all-natural shampoo that contains 20% colloidal oatmeal and barley extract which works together to moisturize very sensitive skin, reduce redness and irritations, reduce inflammation, and accelerate skin cell regeneration.  It is extremely mild and can be used for daily baths.   For senior dogs, you can pour a small content of shampoo into a bowl of water and dip a small towel in.  Then, use the towel to go over your dog’s body.  Use a clean wet towel to go over your dog again before towel dry.

We recommend Grow spray (to be used in conjunction with Grow shampoo) which have ginseng root and various powerful plant extract that will help stimulate new hair growth, strengthen hair roots, and accelerate hair growth.

We have Catnip shampoo and Catnip spray specifically designed for your beloved cats.  As with all our shampoo lines, catnip shampoo contains 20% colloidal oatmeal to help moisturize the skin and reduce irritations.  It also contains various extracts including argan oil, vitamin A, E, B5, omega 3 & 6, and biotin to help add shine to the coat and make the coat soft, smooth, and healthy.  Please check out the product page for more info.

Yes, you can use Fresh or Play spray on your cat to improve her coat texture and make her feel and smell wonderful.  You cannot use Relax spray on your cat because cats cannot process essential oils in the way that the rest of the animal family (including humans) can.

We would recommend consulting with a veterinarian on the treatment for skin disease- this usually involves using medicated shampoo and oral medication.  Many of our customers have skin problems including fungus and bacteria and use Love shampoo in conjunction with medicated shampoo to prevent the skin from turning dry and flaky and the coat hard.

All our shampoo contains omega 3, 6, vitamin A, E, B5, and biotin so you should see your dog’s coat improving no matter what formula you use.  Having said that, the Doggy Potion product line (Happy, Homey, Fresh, Play) and Relax shampoo are formulated specifically to improve coat texture by making the coat soft, smooth, tangle free, and adds shine.

Our shampoo is highly concentrated and can be diluted with water (1 shampoo to 10 water).  However, you can also apply shampoo directly onto the coat- it’s just that you don’t need to use that much shampoo and it will be concentrated only in one spot (usually the back) instead of all over the body.  The shampoo is made for sensitive skin and is not harmful when applied in big amounts.