Mr. Muntow, the little Chinese bun.

Muntow came into our lives in 2008.  We remember so clearly as if it was yesterday the moment that he looked into our eyes with his more monkey-than-doggy face (it was during the so called Pekingese “awkward” stage) and how we fell head over heels in love with him.  

Soon we realize that he came from a puppy mill with many health issues and in less than a week was diagnosed with having demodectic mange.  It took us more than 6 months, 3 veterinarian hospitals, and two weekly visits with the vet to get him cured.  The amount of chemicals used (including medicated shampoo which was absolutely necessary to cure him) left his skin with dark patches and hair extremely dry (it was so dry that I remember an incident where it poked into my toe!).  Our vet prescribed oatmeal shampoo to relieve itchy dry skin and recommended its use to keep skin disease at bay.  

That’s when we realize the powerful benefits of oatmeal shampoo and decided to spread words and make it more fun with added features so that it suits everyone.  We believe that oatmeal shampoo is not only beneficial for furbabies with sensitive skin or skin problems but really it’s good for everyone!